Where Our Information Is Going And How To Protect It

Does securing our online information stop it from getting into the hands of others? Are you aware of how many sites are gaining your information on a daily basis just from your basic internet usage? Many of us may think we know, but I’m here today to make you more aware of just how far your information is reaching out. I looked into an investigation called Trackography ran by the Tactical Technology Collective, and I was blown away at what their research had shown about the hands our personal information lands in. They had discovered that most companies who’s websites we may visit on a day to day basis have third party trackers, so not only are we sharing our information to that website but also about 6-7 other trackers are receiving this information. Through Trackography they had found that from visiting 5 different news sites such as CNN and Fox News that 164 third party sites were also gaining your information. By your information, it is not just your basic login information and email that they are receiving, they are also receiving all information regarding the piece of technology you are using. So, if you are using your phone, they can collect all of its information as far as its model and brand, as well as if you were using your laptop or a desktop. So, after finding out this information and realizing none of my information is private, I decided to look into some precautionary exercises. So, I checked out this awesome guide created by Security in-a-box about how to create and maintain strong and secure passwords. In this guide they explain how it is most important to create a long, complicated password that is not in personal relation to you but that you can practically remember. The guide provides tools that can help you keep track of all of your different passwords as well as some other tools that will help you protect your private information on the internet. I highly recommend this reading/guide, it provided a lot of insight on how to protect myself from these third party sites. The seeking of information from these third party sites does not just stop with online access, but also messaging on social media platforms, and even text-messaging. So, in this case there are many new apps that you can use to message friends while being completely secure from your information being shared to the site you are using. I took a deeper look into ChatSecure, but there are so many more out there. This one in particular is available for both Apple and Android products, and can even be linked to google accounts! For anyone looking for higher security in their usage on the internet and just on their mobile devices in general, I highly suggest taking a look into these guides and apps, the possibilities never really end with precautions in security, there are dozens of apps and guides out there!

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